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We took charge of all marketing communication endeavors, both traditional and digital, for our client Danet, one of Turkey's largest meat companies, ensuring a seamless integration of their brand across multiple channels.


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Immerse yourself in the synergistic partnership we have with Danet, where we seamlessly integrate into their in-house marketing department, delivering exceptional results through our close collaboration.

Ignite Danet's digital transformation as we lend our expertise not only in traditional endeavors such as packaging, branding, and print materials but also in the realm of digital projects, propelling their business forward with innovative solutions.


E-Commerce with
Web & Mobile

Empowering Danet's digital transformation, we created their captivating e-commerce website, revolutionized their internal structure, and implemented efficient operation and automation systems, unlocking their path to success in the digital commerce landscape.

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Transforming business,
improving performance

With our expertise, we revolutionized the vast and intricate sales and delivery organization of "Eve Teslim Kurban" turning it into a seamless e-commerce operation. As a result, we achieved consecutive years of 100% sales growth, elevating their success to new heights.

Beyond the Digital Agency: Innovating with Danet in the Food Industry

Step into our collaborative journey with Danet, where we transcended the role of a digital agency to become their dedicated research and development team, creating a revolutionary product from scratch. From the name and packaging to recipe development and captivating visuals, we handled every aspect of this practical ready-to-eat concept, delivering a comprehensive solution that redefines the culinary experience.


All Brands

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